Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre

About us


The Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre (BECDC) is a research centre but also a space where ideas will be shared and projects will be executed considering Bulgarian art and culture from the mid nineteen century to nowadays. Another goal of the centre is to popularize the educational philosophy, followed by New Bulgarian University considering the connection between the given education and professional qualifications with the personal spiritual development of the students. We are trying to find out more about the interrelations and the natural interaction between Bulgarian culture and European cultural experience. In the centre, we are working on projects, approved by our Board, which coincide with our objectives.



• To make valuable Bulgarian art from the mid nineteen century to nowadays popular in this country and abroad by working on creative and research projects.

• To investigate the cross-border exchange between Bulgarian artists and European artists, who have worked in the European cultural centers during the same period.

• To initiate public lectures, national and international conferences, where issues of Bulgarian-European culture and cultural heritage to be discussed.

• To support the publication of scientific research papers and books in order to make their achievements known to the public in this country and abroad.

• To promote the works of Bulgarian art by holding national and international exhibitions.

• To work with private art collectors and their associations to make the pieces of art and the documents that are parts of their collections known to the public and the scientific community, in order for them to be investigated scientifically.

• To actively support, encourage and help the art collectors to donate pieces and documents from their art collections to be part of exhibitions and thus be introduced to the scientific community of NBU.

• To work on the projects of the Centre together with students who are studying to get their BAs and MAs with the History of Culture Department and other departments, whose educational programs are pertinent to our objectives.

• We will encourage the students, graduate students and young researchers to actively participate in the development of some of our projects on local, regional, national and international level.




 Популяризирай, Подкрепи, Подари култура | Disseminate, Support, Extend the gift of culture

  • Director

    Angela Daneva is a PhD in Art Theory with New Bulgarian University, interested in XXth century Bulgarian Art History and Culture. She has been doing research on Bulgarian artists, investigating the archives of the biggest Italian art academies in Florence, Turin, Milan, Venice, Naples and Rome since 2006. She has been investigating the archives of the Venice Biennale as well. Angela Daneva is the director of   Uninhibited Contacts Foundation since 2009. Since 2015, she is a founder and the director of the Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre (BECDC) with New Bulgarian University. 



  • Team
  • Associate Professor Ruzha Marinska PhD is among the most well respected Bulgarian art historians. She is mostly interested in ХХth century Bulgarian art and more specifically the issues, concerning Bulgarian Modernism. Between 1985 and 1987, Ruzha Marinska was deputy director of the Bulgarian National Gallery for Foreign Art. She was the director of the National Art Gallery in Sofia from 1995 to 2002. She has been teaching History of Art in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia and in New Bulgarian University. She is a member of the academic board of the Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre, NBU.


    Assoc. Prof. Valentina Ganeva-Marazova, PhD, has been a full-time lecturer in Arts Studies at NBU since 2010. Since July 2013 she has been Chair of the Department of Arts Studies and History of Culture and since July 2009 she has also been Head of the NBU Museum. In 1981 she graduated from Humboldt University in Berlin with a degree in Arts Studies. In 2005 she was awarded a PhD degree for her ‘Total Work of Art. The Modern and Traditional in the Works of Johannes Itten ’ thesis. In 1981-2011 she successively worked as a research assistant, research associate, and senior researcher II degree at the Institute of Arts Studies (the Bulgarian Academy of Science). She obtained her habilitation in 2010. Between 1997-2010 she was a part-time lecturer in the History of Arts Department at NBU, and since 2004 up to the present moment has been a lecturer at the National Art Academy in Sofia as well. Assoc. Prof. Ganeva-Marazova is an editor of the ‘Problems of Art’ Journal published by the Institute of Arts Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Science (1992–2004), a member of the editorial board of MAF (Myth, Art, Folklore)- a publication of History of Arts Department at NBU, a member of the editorial board of ‘Cultural Heritage Studies’ Journal published by the NBU Museum, and a member of ICOM (The International Council of Museums).Her academic research interests include Art and Culture of European Avant-Garde in the beginning of 20th century, museology, anthropological methods and approaches in Arts Studies.


    Chief Assistant Vladimir Dimitrov PhD (1975) is New Bulgarian University art history graduate. He teaches General art history; Italian Renaissance art; Bulgarian National Revival art; Bulgarian National Revival culture; Iconography and Preservation of cultural heritage. Chief Assistant, PhD Vladimir Dimitrov is mostly interested in Bulgarian National Revival art, Iconography, pilgrimage, cultural and religious tourism and preservation of cultural heritage. He was a graduate student in the University of Florence, Italy. He wrote a monograph on the Minovi family of iconographers and their murals. Vladimir Dimitrov is the author of many photo stories, published in university culture magazine “Sledva” (“It Follows”). He had two photography exhibitions “Get up and go to Damascus” in 2014, which was held in the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library and NBU Museum and “Matera, Eropean Capital of Culture 2019”, held in NBU Museum, Art Center Incubator, Plovdiv and in Sredetz gallery of the Ministry of Culture, Sofia.