Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre

Conference 2016





“ХIXth CENTURY ROMANTICISM. The Life and Art of Dimitar Dobrovich (1816-1905)”


 November 16-18, 2016



New Bulgarian University (NBU) and the Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre (BECDC) kindly invite you to participate in the conference "XIXth Century Romanticism. The Life and Art of Dimitar Dobrovich (1816-1905)".

The Conference will take place from 16th to 18th of November, 2016 in New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria. Researchers, PhD candidates and other scientists who work and are interested in this scientific field can apply for attending the conference. You can present a paper or participate as a listener.

The Conference "XIXth century Romanticism. The Life and Art of Dimitar Dobrovich (1816-1905)" will be held in several academic panels:

  • Historiographical discourse – facts, processes, phenomena and important figures
  • Artistic life in Europe and on the Balkans – Academies, artistic education, cultural dialogue
  • Dimitar Dobrovich’s (1816-1905) Art
  • The art and the influence of the technological achievements of the period focusing on photography 


All the papers will be reviewed.

The titles and abstracts of the accepted papers will be published on the conference program and on our website www.becd.nbu.bg



The Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre (BECDC) is a research centre with the Faculty of Arts Studies and History of Culture, New Bulgarian University. Our conference gives you the opportunity to present your research, to meet new colleagues, to master your research abilities and learn more about Bulgaria, its history, art and culture. For sure, you will learn interesting life and art facts about Dimitar Dobrovich (1816-1905), who is the first Bulgarian academically-trained artist. Participation in scientific conferences is always a wonderful opportunity to make new professional contacts.




















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