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Conference schedule

ХIXth Century Romanticism. The Life and Art of Dimitar Dobrovich (1816-1905)
November 16 to November 17 2016 New Bulgarian University




09:00-10:00 Registration, NBU, Building 1, hall 310
10:00-10:05 - New Bulgarian University | Welcoming Remarks
10:05-10:10 - Ministry of Culture | Welcoming Remarks
10:20 Opening session of the conference, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ruzha Marinska

➢ Historiographical discourse - facts, processes, events, personalities

10:30-10:45 – The folklore and the non-folklore culture in Bulgaria during the XIX century –
Prof. Georg Kraev PhD, New Bulgarian University
10:50-11:05 - Romantic nationalism of the XIX century and the transformation of youth in political and cultural category - Prof. Rumen Genov NBU
11:10-11:25 - Diplomatic, dynastic and cultural relations of fin de siècle Montenegro –
Prof. Boris Vukicevic, University of Montenegro
11:30-11:45 – Istanbul during the time of Dimitar Dobrovich – Prof. Blagovesta Ivanova PhD, Lyuben Karavelov University
11:50–12:05 – The Memory of Dimitar Dobrovich Preserved in the Bulgarian Archives –
Ms. Zhanet Miteva, National Gallery-Sofia
12:10–12:25 – Romanticism and Romanticisms. A Glimpse from the 21st. Century –
Ass. Prof. Ruzha Marinska, Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre, New Bulgarian University
12: 30-13: 15 - DISCUSSION
13:30 - LUNCH


10:30 - UniArt Gallery, New Bulgarian University
Presentation and validation of commemorative stamps with an emblem, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Dimitar Dobrovich’s birth. Ceremony with the participation of Mr Deyan Duneshki, Angela Daneva PhD, Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre in NBU and the artist Ms. Dea Vulcheva
11:00 Coffee break

➢ Artistic life in Europe and in the Balkans during the XIX century - academies, art education, cultural dialogues

11.30–11:45 – Bulgarian artists residing in two or more cultures: a typology preset by Dimitar Dobrovich –
Prof. Dr. Michael Nedeltchev , New Bulgarian University
11:50–12:05 – Art Reviews in Greece during the second half of the 19th up to the early 20th Century –
Chrysovalantis Steiakakis Phd Candidate in History of Art, Open University, Nicosia
12:10–12:25 – The Greek name of Dimitar Dobrovich - Rossitsa Gicheva-Meimari PhD, New Bulgarian University
12:30–12:45 – Tracing the life and work of Eleni Boukouri-Altamura: Historiographical notes on a woman’s artistic education in mid-nineteenth century Italy – Maria G. Moschou, PhD, University of Athens
12:50–13:05 - Documents relating to the life and work of Dobrovich in Italy - Panagiotis Ioannou PhD, University of Crete
13:10–13:25 – Meeting at Caffè Greco - Angela Daneva PhD, Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre, NBU
13.30–14:15 - DISCUSSION
14:15 LUNCH

➢ The art of Dimitar Dobrovich (1816-1905).
The impact of the technological advances of the era on his development - focus on photography

15:30-15:45 – Aesthetics of the spirituality in the portraits by Dobrovich - Maria Ogoyska, NBU
15:50–16:05 – Painting on a Photographic Base in the Second Half of the 19th Century. Technical and Artistic Aspects – Katerina Gadzheva PhD, Academy of Sciences
16:10–16:25 – The Eleophotographs of Dimitar Dobrovich – a specific case – Galina Dekova PhD, Atelier-Collection Sv. Rusev
16:30-17:15 DISCUSSION
















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