Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a presentation last?

  • Each presentation should take 15 minutes.

What’s the equipment in the conference room?

  • In each conference room there will be a laptop and PowerPoint presentation projector. Please bring your presentation on a USB drive.

May I publish my paper anywhere else?

  • Papers, that are part of the BECDC’s conference proceedings, should not be part of any other publications.

When will we have the conference program?

  • You can find the conference program on the conference website 10 days before the conference will open.

When will be the conference proceedings ready?

  • The conference proceedings will be published before the opening of the conference. All attendees will receive a personal issue of the proceedings. You will find the abstracts of the papers to be presented on BECDC’s website before the opening date of the conference becd.nbu.bg

What happens if I’ve missed any due date?

Is there any specific conference dress code?

  • No there isn’t; casual wear is fine.














































































































































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